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"Every successful entrepreneur will tell you 'SALES' is the most powerful skill one can possess. Mastering it means mastering the art of persuasion – turning possibilities into profits and dreams into reality."

WHAT IF You Could Grow Your Network, Attract More Opportunities, Win More Clients, and Close More Deals In 30-Days Or Less WITHOUT Being 100% Dependent on Inbound Inquiries, Referrals or Spending A Ton Of Money on Ads?

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        This is FOR YOU if...

        • You're a Coach, Consultant, or Solopreneur looking for more clients or customers;

        • You're a Sales Development Representative (SDR) or Business Development Manager (BDM) looking to generate more sales, book more appointments, schedule more demos or close more deals.

        • You're selling a mid-to-high ticket product or service but not too confident with your sales ability. You're struggling with closing deals or clients in person or via Zoom calls.

        • You've tried using DMs and Emails but you're constantly getting rejected or even worse - blocked or ignored. 

      This is NOT for you if...

      • You're happy with the results you're getting with your current organic content strategy.

      • You're not coachable or not willing to listen and learn from others.

      • You're happy being a Mr. or Ms. Know-It-All and you think nobody can do it better than you.

      • You would rather spend the rest of the year trying to figure things out - just like you said you would last year.

      • You are totally broke or you're not willing to invest in your own growth and development.

"I have no doubt you will elevate your sales game with the skills I'll teach you. You'll be able to utilize them to expand your LinkedIn network, schedule more appointments or demos, generate more leads and clients, or close more deals in 30 days or less."


Meet Your Sales Coach

My name is Edison, and I have over two decades of experience in the sales industry, selling millions of dollars worth of products and services over the span of 20+ years.

  • During those years... I've sold a variety of products and services ranging from travel packages, mobile phones, cinema advertising, personal care products, health care products and food products... to brand new cars, real estate (investment properties), AND digital marketing services.

  • In 2010, I launched and co-founded my own food service business for several years... where we supplied and delivered fresh and frozen food products (including high quality Wagyu meat) to cafes, pubs and restaurants in Sydney, Australia. I managed to acquire our customers through cold emails, cold calls and by going "door-to-door" - literally knocking on doors, walking in and shaking hands with chefs, pub owners and restaurateurs. This is arguably one of the most hardcore form of sales anyone could ever do.

  • I love food, travel and photography. I've travelled with my wife and daughter to some amazing places in Asia, UK and Europe - totalling 15 countries, so far. What's my favourite destination? Ask me when we talk and I'll tell you. 

Edison Apolonio - Sales Coach for Coaches, Consultants, Solopreneurs and Founders - red jacket - green LA cap

Edison Apolonio

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